Whether out of curiosity or necessity, many of us have thoroughly studied the Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide book. I did it many years ago because I understood it as one of the best ways to learn C. Yes, I admit it, I feel an unconditional love for the C programming language. I am fascinated by its complexity, its power, its speed … and I am sorry to have it abandoned the last few years.

The fact is that I have come across a tweet from a Taiwanese – I understand that a teacher – where he says that he and his students are updating the aforementioned book with, among other things, updated code. The book includes examples of code that worked in the old 2.6.x kernel, so they are rewriting it to work in a more current 5.x.

So if you’re just starting out with C, like tinkering with the Linux kernel, or would like to remind yourself of those wonderful years with current code, check it out.